Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Day

I don't know about you but I'm SO excited about the Royal Wedding.

The hype here in Australia has been amazing so I can't begin to imagine what it's like over in the UK. A friend of mine who lives in England said that there are flags, bunting and souvenirs EVERYWHERE.

I wish my Grandma was still alive as she loved the Royals and it would have been fun to watch the wedding with her. (I was too young to watch Charles and Di's wedding so this is my first real Royal wedding).

When the Queen came out to Australia in 1954 my Grandma, who was 7mths pregnant with my Mum, went into the city and braved the crowds to catch a glimpse of the young Queen.

Here is the Queen and Prince Phillip on their wedding day, what an amazing train.

Here are some other famous brides, and Kate will now be added to this group after today, how exciting for her. Imagine how her parents feel!
Apparently the Abbey has been transformed into a woodland with trees and foliage everywhere - can't wait to see it!

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Are you excited or you just don't care?

I'll be getting ready for Will's 2nd birthday party while I'm watching the wedding, if I wasn't going to be running around I'd get out my wedding dress and watch the wedding in my dress :) hehehehe I know I'm a hopeless romantic sucker :)

Have a right royal day and enjoy!


  1. I'm definitely going to be watching the wedding. I'm not as crazy fanatical as I was for Charles and Diana's, but I think it is just that I"m so much older than the age of the bride and groom now. You can read about my experience watching Charles and Diana's wedding on my post:

    I didn't know they were decorating the Abbey with twigs and leaves and making it all woodlandy - how lovely. I can't wait to see it.

  2. Oh yes, I am beside myself with excitment. So happy for our Royal Family!! :-)

  3. I will attempt to get up early enough to watch it. I think besides being a romantic, I love that it's history in the making!

    Kat :)

  4. Yes I'm excited! I am going to print out some decorations today and maybe make a paper tiara to wear. I'm sure Lyndon with think I'm tragic! x

  5. Hi Janette, am your newest follower...lovely blog...and yes the royal wedding the talk of the town at present - quite rightly I suppose. I'll be taking a peak no doubt :))

  6. Enjoy the wedding. I am buying myself a bottle of wine for the night to celebrate and plan on spending the next 6 hours on the couch - that is if i can convince Ollie he should have one night off ABC2!
    Hope the weather clears for Will's party.

  7. I'll be glued to the telly too - very exciting!! Can't wait to see 'the dress'. Good luck with all the party preparations xx

  8. I love it all.. Regent St looks gorgeous... Posted some pics from a freind who works there today. So jealous my family are there and not me. Love , love , love the trees... No flower wastage just re plant... Fabulous. And McQueen designing.,.. Wonderful!!

  9. I am so excited! Watching the couple now from the balcony of the Buckingham Palace. Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  10. Hi, I followed the wedding on You Tube later on. You can see everything. I.m glad that we had an other kind of wedding. But they look happy.I do not like Camilla.We,ve seen the wedding,or parts of it,from Diane.She was really nice.
    It was nice to see and hear the people when William and Kate were on the balcony.


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