Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Someone pass the tooth picks please...

I need them to keep my eyes open.

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Hubby is sick, bubby was up several times last night too.... there wasn't much sleep happening in our house last night :(

Think I need a coffee.

Have a great day everyone,


  1. Janette, you hard working mummy. Hope you pull through the day OK. Nothing worse than sleep deprivation and sickness. Remember - if a coffee doesn't work, you could always try a coffee sandwich - I've been told it's better than red bull :)

  2. Coffee and day with your feet up on the couch! The orders can wait.

  3. Janette, maybe this will help you through the day a little...you WON my game WHERE IS THE SPOOL!!!
    check details on my blog:

    Thanks for playing!
    Hope you manage to stay awake poor thing!

  4. sending hugs down your way and hope you gets some rest today ...mwauh melli xx

  5. Hope you're all asleep as I type this :)
    take care Janette x

  6. I do hope you have managed to have a little rest at some stage today, it isn't easy being a working mum. Thinking of you. xx

  7. I hope you catch up on some rest soon, and your husband gets well soon too.
    Donna xx

  8. oh no.......being without sleep is the worst, hope hubbs gets better soon so you can kick back smooch lisa xx

  9. Hope you get some rest today sweetie and that Glen and Will are feeling better soon x

  10. Hope things improve over the next few days and you get much needed rest. Gx


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