Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blog guilt and some brights

I always feel a bit guilty when I haven't managed to get around and visit and comment on every one's blogs. But it seems to be the trend of late unfortunately so I'm sorry :(

Do you get like that too?

Anyway, check out all the beautiful colours in these images...

Amazing bedroom via here.

Yummy coloured all stars via here!
Aren't they beautiful!

Wow! via here.

Have a bright sunny day today and I hope to pop by and visit very soon!

P.S. Thanks for all the lovely comments re Will's naming day! And it was too cold to wear my new black jumpsuit on the weekend.


  1. Ah, I too have days like that. But try not to beat yourself up about is hectic enough :)

    Loving the image of the shoes

  2. Don't feel guilty, we have enough stress in our lives. Blogging is meant be be an anti stress thing. Peaks and troughs I say. Thanks for the cheery colours.

  3. Blog guilt daily. I also have email guilt as my inbox is a constant source of stress for me. I can NEVER get on top of it. So you are not alone. I am sure we are all guilty in some way every day... and add on top of all that... 'mother guilt'... it never ends! A-M xx

  4. I know what you mean. I'm always in a rush and my laptop is on its last legs and it can take me forever to leave one comment - where I'm sure if I had a computer that worked at normal speed I could read and post at many more blogs. It's frustrating.
    What bright piccies. It is quite grey here today so they're lovely to look at xx

  5. Count me in as well in the blog guilt....2 posts in a month is terrible! Although hubby has been away for hte last 2 weeks with work and learning how to deal with 2 under 2 is taking most of my time!

  6. Oh, Janette, never fear - we're not going anywhere! It's your blog - you can do it your way ☺. J x

  7. Great happy post Janette. I am having a bit of blog block lately and trying not to feel guilty too! ;-)

  8. I've been feeling like that lately too, but I've come to accept I can't read EVERY post EVERY blogger reads :)

  9. Lovely bright & sunny post Janette! Im with you at the moment, I feel like Im always on the run with my 4 kids...Im suffering from blog guilt & exercise guilt, lol, & my computer is old & slow so I get very frustrated with the shebang!!!

  10. love the bright colors! lovely greetings


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx