Wednesday, February 23, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things...

I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite purchases or presents I've received that I just love. You know those things that you admire or are grateful for every time you use them? Well here are some of mine.

My friends Suzie and Tori gave me a set of these beautiful Mozi mugs for my 30th and I just love them, I always drink my tea or coffee out of them so when I saw a matching apron I bought it for William to give me for Christmas. The pattern is very ME so it makes me happy when I'm using them... check out mozi here.

We've been needing a new beach bag what with the addition of floaties, buckets and spades that are now in tow so when I saw this bag at Bed Bath n Table last week on sale for $9.95 I got it. And I'm loving it sitting here under the hall table. I can shove things into it quickly to clean up this, often a dumping ground, area.

I got these wrought iron book ends a few weeks ago from Target for the HUGE price of $11.95. I'd been on the look out for bookends to keep the area next to my side of the bed nice and neat. You know what it's like, I've got my reading books and mags and then Will brings in his story books in the morning and they were just everywhere so it's all nice and neat now and goes with the grey/silver and black theme in the bedroom.

I am loving the CK sunnies that Glen got me for Christmas. I've had a few pairs of cheapies the last few years, which was great with a little bub that likes to grab but I felt it was time to upgrade and we got Polarized lenses put in so no squinting and I love the aviator shape.

These were also a Christmas present, the Fred M-CUPS matryoshkas. I love them displayed in the kitchen on top of the little radio.

So there you have it, my current favourite things :)

I don't know about you but I've been glued to the TV watching the NZ earth quake. My goodness, it's like a nightmare and the people of Christchurch really need our thoughts and prayers right now. I hope that all my fellow bloggers and customers and your family and friends are safe and sound.

Have a lovely day everyone,

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  1. I love seeing others new favorites. The matching cups/apron just makes me smile!

  2. I agree your mug is gorgeous - love it's print and colours. Your radio is groovy too. I'd like a little one like that in my kitchen.
    The earthquake is just horrific. I only saw it on the news last night, but just awful.

  3. I just purchased a Mozi apron! I love it :) I have a post about it planned for later.
    I am devasted by the earthquake. It was horrific seeing people being pulled from buildings yesterday as the footage was unedited. Absolutely tragic.

  4. A cute little list of favourite things honey...LOVE those Fred M Cups...adorable.
    Yes..very sad...have had to switch off from the news for a bit it just brings me down too much watching it. So devastating what is happening around our world at the moment.

  5. I'm still resisting Facebook for as long as I can.. I love all your pretty things, that beach bag was a bargain!

    The NZ earthquake is shocking, so sudden and all those lives lost. Rachaelxx

  6. oh how funny.....i just did my madeit find {found it last week} on finds and gifts throughout your house xx

  7. I have a set of those measuring cups too and I just love them! We've been using them alot lately.
    It's so horrible abut Christchurch. To think about how many people didn't come home to their loved ones just breaks my heart :(
    Have a lovely day Janette x

  8. I have the Mozi shopping bag in the same print, given as a gift at Christmas. I love it. x

  9. Gosh we have a few of the same favourite things Janette!! I used the Babushka doll measuring cups this evening making recess for my children tomorrow. My children use them as drinking cups too, really cute!! Love Posie

  10. Lots of lovely things Janette - I love those mugs, what pretty gift. It's funny you bought that basket because I've been searching for one to keep under our hall table too :) Will have to check Bed Bath n Table!! Love the measuring cups - I bought them for my friend for her birthday and she adores them. Enjoy your evening sweetie xx

  11. I really like mozi products too Janette, your mugs an matching apron are sweet. Your basket from Bed bath n table is lovely.
    Donna xx

  12. I received a set of those matryoshka measuring cups for Christmas too, aren't they adorable. Megan xx


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