Monday, February 14, 2011

Press: Shop for Kids Magazine

Yay! Exciting news today...

My Keep Quiet the Baby's Sleeping print has been featured in the latest Shop 4 Kids magazine which hit news stands today.

You can find it on page 45 in a lovely handmade gift guide, see it there in light blue in the middle of the page?

And I've spotted a few of my fellow bloggers products featured within the pages of this mag too! (I wont spoil their news by telling you) So you'll have to grab yourself a copy quicksmart!

It feels kind of sureal to be in the Autumn/Winter 2011 issue of this mag because it was this time last year that I had my first ever Magazine inclusion which was in the Autumn/Winter 2010 issue of Shop 4 Kids, about 4mths after starting My Sweet Prints. It's amazing what a year brings isn't it.

So yeah, sorry about my ramblings but I'm just very happy and excited.


P.S. Doctor says that Will has the start of an ear infection poor bub :( So we're laying low today.


  1. congrat's to you janette......i love my one i bought in mustard and look forward to having another bub so i can use it, and poor little will, hope it clears up quick , have a great day xx

  2. good news for you, but not so good for Will, poor poppet. Congrats and many more features ahead I'm sure :)

  3. congrats to you sweetie...i know a few bloggers too who are featured in this magazine..especially the little boy on the cover.i meet his mum a few weeks back:) its been a great year for you and it will be a bigger one this year well done..poor little Will hope he feels better soon.xx

  4. Congratulations, that's wonderful, BIG news! Hope Will feels better soon..Rachaelxx

  5. That is fabulous news, congratulations.
    Hope Will is feeling better real soon

  6. Great news Janette and prime position your print scored being smack bang in the middle of the page!! Might have to add this magazine to the shopping trolley tomorrow...

  7. Congratulations Janette. Poor Will, ear infections can be nasty little buggers! Hope he is well again very soon.

  8. Oh, Sweetie, I feel remiss as your Official Media Monitor not having found this ☺. A huge congrats, Janette - so well deserved. And poor Will - I've been there many a time. I hope it clears up quickly and you don't have to have the ENT attention we needed so many times. J x

  9. Well done again! I'll have to put the mag on the shopping list for Matt to buy for me whilst resting up!

  10. Congrats as always, I must get my hands on a copy. of that mag immediately if not sooner... I need your advice on promotion, ok so I used to work in marketing but when it comes to my own stuff......... I have no idea! Or confidence, for that matter. Do you send those mags actual product??


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx