Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Memories of a cyclone

I decided to get out our old holiday snaps this morning and took a look at the pics of our holiday to Port Douglas back in 2005.

We were there when Cyclone Ingrid hit Northern QLD, so hearing all the news of Cyclone Yasi has brought back memories of that trip.

Cyclone Ingrid was a small but powerful cyclone which got up to a category 5 before slowing down a bit and heading further north than expected.

I remember all the shops taping up their windows with a big X and the boats at the Marina Mirage were told to tow right up into the mangroves for protection.

The usually calm and tranquil Four Mile Beach that we experienced at the beginning of our holiday looked more like a surf beach on a rough day and the palm trees were blowing at a 45 degree angle.

We were lucky that during the night the cyclone slowed down and changed directions and we only suffered heavy winds and rains.

I'm hoping and praying for the people up North that Yasi also down grades and doesn't cause the destruction expected.


  1. I have people I love in Townsville...I'm a bit anxious!

  2. Qld have had their fair share of mother nature's fury of late...I too pray for their safety.

  3. I's hard to believe we have this to content with now, after the floods. Fingers crossed you're right, and that it loses intensity. K xx

  4. Oops, of course i mean 'contend' :)

  5. Oh yes, Janette. Time for Mother Nature to take a break, I think.

    And your new sidebar buttons are just delicious. They look like pretty washi tape and complement your background so beautifully. Well done, Lovely! J x

  6. It's so scary to think of such a forceful cyclone approaching - I feel so sorry for the people of Queensland who've already had more than their fair share of freak weather to deal with. Will be praying for them all xx

  7. It's just too scary for words. We honeymooned in Port Douglas nearly 17 years ago. Your photos bought back happy memories.

  8. Very scary. I have my fingers crossed for the people involved. To be told to hide under a matress?? So terrible.

  9. I know! Queensland can't take much more. It's so scary!

    ~ Clare x


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