Monday, January 24, 2011

New Print - I heart

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? What did you get up to? Mine was great except for spending half the day in bed yesterday with a migraine. But I got to see my little sister who's just back from her Europe trip and I'll have to show you some of the goodies she brought back for me :)

Anyway, as you can probably tell I've been in one of those designing moods the last few weeks and I've got a new print which just went up on the shops last night. It's called 'I heart' and you can customise it with whatever YOU heart!

Doesn't everyone? :)

Here's the blurb: You've seen the T-shirts, now get a customised print made to show the world what YOU love. Whether it be chocolate, coffee, hubby, twilight or hugs... this funky, modern design is classic black, white and red and will suit every room, every frame and will be a great talking point in your home! The print measures 11 x 14".

I think it should actually read, I heart coffee too much!

What do you think? When I was making it I was thinking, now this is just too simple a design, but then, I want one for my house so maybe others would too...
And I had a nice suprise this morning to wake up and find it was featured on two etsy treasuries last night here and here!

I hope you have a great Monday everyone,


  1. I heart this print!
    Should be very popular for valentines day ... and any day for chocolate lovers, coffee lovers and others.

    Another great one Janette!

  2. Very cool print Janette. So simple and so effective.

  3. Oh, just brilliant, Janette. I ♥ it! They'll sell like hotcakes. I'll buy one as soon as Planet Baby's budget allows ☺. J x

  4. Less is more! I love the simplicity of it and being able to personalize it is great.

  5. Very cute! Perfect for Valentine's Day too x

  6. Brilliant! I heart the idea! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  7. Very cute Janette! Do you think if I hung up 'I heart massages' it would work? ;-) There are so many combinations here and I don't need to guess what Will's would be at the moment. Lots of fun to be had creating these!!

    Thanks for your sewing support, I think I need a tutorial or something. Your red dress looks amazing! Sadly (being me) my first reaction was 'wow, that's fantastic can you make me one?' rather than 'wow, that's fantastic I wonder if I can do that' Mmmm...

    Hope you're having a good week. Aussie Day tomo woohoo! :-)

  8. Love it, & the coffee, LOL!
    I have tagged you for a couple of awards if you have time!


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