Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Decorators Delight!

So my brother and sister-in-law (D&S) got the keys to their new home yesterday! Very exciting!

It is a stunning house with soooooo much character. Here is one of the real estate shots.

But for as much character as the house has, it has as much wallpaper and old carpets and dust...

Here is the nicest looking room which I took a quick snap of today whilst trying to stop Will from falling down the stairs :)

Isn't the fireplace, mantle and windows beautiful. The wallpaper in this room is not too bad.

I'm going over again tomorrow to help with the big move and I'll take some photos of all the wallpaper, like I mean wallpaper on the ceiling and OLD wallpaper! Some of the wallpaper designs are not too bad but some.... well you'll have to wait to see :)

They have a big job ahead of them as it really is a decorators delight but the bones of the home are so wonderful and there are hidden gardens and beautiful views over the bush so once they have put their mark on the house it will simply be a stunning, magical home!

So stay tuned,


  1. What a fabulous looking house..I do hope you'll be able to document the redecorating journey for us Janette!

  2. Wow! I love it! Can't wait to see it once they decorate and repaint/re-wallpaper etc! I love that real estate shot!

    ~ Clare x

  3. Definitely beautiful bones. What a lovely home to be moving too, and that pool looks perfect for a hot Sydney summer! :) x

  4. That's one beautiful blank canvas they have there! The windows are divine, I'm completely jealous. Lots of blog posts on the revamp please Janette! K xx

  5. Oooh it has good bones! I can imagine it will be amazing in the end! xx

  6. WOW!! It has such character and will definitely be fun (albeit a challenge) to decorate. You'll have to share more with us along the way :)

  7. It looks like a beautiful home and I'm sure with a bit of hard work they'll turn it into something very special! Keep us updated, I'd love to see how they go - redecorating is one of my favourite hobbies!

    Christine x

  8. Janette, you have to keep us posted on this one - how gorgeous. I can't wait to see what they do to it. ;-)

  9. The outside of the house looks great and I love that fireplace. It does look like the kind of place that will be amazing with a loving family living in it. Look forward to seeing more photos. G

  10. Oh a renovators delight- how wonderful. And what great bones the house has. I can't wait to see the photos of the rest of the house.
    Do let your SIL know about the Decorating Forum if she wants to bounce any renovating ideas around:).

  11. Oh yes! That is a home with great potential! What a lucky couple. Hard work ahead but it will be stunning and worth the effort!
    X Briohny.

  12. Oh wow, that is an amazing house! So much potential there and I love the swimming pool, swoon! You must show us pictures as they renovate! xx


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