Monday, November 15, 2010

A corner of my home: adding some pink

Here is a little look at my lounge room. I've added some pink to the room recently, what do you think?

My little model in his PJ's with 'Woofie' on his back. (Sorry the photos aren't great, just taken on my iphone and the light is a bit weird this morning).

Jenny from The Five Year Project blogged about a new cushion she got at Target in their cushion sale so I went to take a look and got two of the pink/purple/green flowery cushions at $14 each! They go quite nicely along side my blue and white Kas cushions I think - thanks for the heads up Jenny!

See the little green chair in the first pic? We were given two of them from our neighbours across the road. I plan to paint them white sometime. I had the coffee table custom made slightly higher than normal so that Will could use it as his dining/working/drawing table too. (Please ignore the sticky little finger marks on the coffee table).

I am using my Spotlight white metal tray to keep mags tidy on the coffee table and it also makes it easier to move them when Will eats at the table. And in the vase you will see the pink camellias from our Camellia tree out the front.

I also got these beautiful new placemats for the dining table from Louise at Illume Designs for my birthday! Aren't they beautiful? I was in need of new placemats so it's perfect and ties in with my new hint of pink!

Hubby hasn't made any 'too girly' comments so that's good, what do you think (honestly) it's not too girly is it?

Have a great Monday,


  1. Nope. I think it's lovely! The wood balances out the pink/floral prints and adds that 'masculine' touch. Love your multi purpose table. Great idea!

  2. Love the new cushions - I like the pop of pink to give a fresh summery feel to your lounges. Your camellia is SO pretty, ours have all stopped flowering now. How clever having your coffee table made slightly higher for Will to be able to use too (love how he carries Woofie over his shoulders like that!!) I love those placemats, I don't think they're too girlie and the French feel to them would definitely suit your taste - Louise picked well!! Enjoy your day xx

  3. Well you know I have a soft spot for pink! I think that cushion is gorgeous and goes really well. Boys should embrace pink too :) Love the tray as well...may have to brave Spotlight again!

  4. No, not too girly at all! The cushions look great, what a bargain! It all looks great :)

  5. Oh, Lovely, I think you've struck the right balance. Yes, the camellias are fabulous. I love the tray and you're right, it has that practical use with a toddler around. I hear you! And those placemats are so pretty. Well chosen, Sweetie. J x

  6. I think your room looks great! Definitely not too girly. I know what you mean though, sometimes I add a few pretty things and I wait for hubby's response!! Have a lovely week :)

    Christine x

  7. The placements are beautiful and you do color combinations very elegantly!

  8. What a nice 'feel' this room has. It all blends really well and you feel like sinking into the sofa. Love the cushions with the sofa.
    A good mix for all of you, not too girly.
    Rebecca x

  9. Love the splash of pink! Not too girly at all xx

  10. Hi Janette, thanks for the mention. I love your additions of pink in the cushions, camellias and the place mats. You know it is not all about the boys! lol. ;-)

  11. Janette, your cushions look great, love your placemats, they look rather romantic.
    Have a lovely week!!

  12. Haha Janette, not at all, it's very demure and understated! :-) I made the point to Mr C that homes are intrinsically female (I pointed this out when we were out shopping near some home interior shops) and he kinda agreed.

    I think your cushions are gorgeous and just another tip (you know how I am for a bargain,lol) Kmart have $8 cushions in black, crimson, silver and perhaps some other colours and they're lovely and ruffled. I hugged one last night but realised I had to let it go as I have too many, sigh. Might see if I can add one to the collection later. ;-)
    p.s. Glad to hear Minky is now home with you, how miserable for him to lose his hair poor baby :-/

  13. i like all the cushions. they are always welcoming and relaxing. your placements are beautiful. have a great new week


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