Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

We're back from a fantastic week in Fiji!

It was lovely... the sun, warmth, beach, pool, food, the wonderful Fijians, I want to go back!!!

We stayed at the Shangri-la and although it was a little toooo kid friendly we really enjoyed it. We've been to Fiji before so it was nice to explore a new resort.

Will had a great time, especially at the pool. We went with my BFF, her husband and baby girl Isabella to celebrate our 30ths.

The Fijians loved Will and Isabella and would pick them up and cuddle them or grab their cheeks. All the food was fantastic, I can't say we enjoyed the flights there and back with an active 1 year old but at least it was only a short part of the whole holiday.

Back to reality today, Will was not happy when Glen drove off to work this morning, he just loved having his Dadda at his beck and call.

And I've got lots of backed up holiday orders to get out today, thank the Lord for my Mum who's coming over today to help out.

Anyway, how are you? How have you been? I can't wait to catch up with you all over the next few days.

Take care & glad to be back,


  1. Sounds bliss Janette! I could be doing with a holiday like that right about now!

    Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx

  2. Welcome back sweet Janette! Your Fiji photos are fabulous and it is wonderful to hear that you had such a fabulous holiday:) I have really missed you and was very happy to see your post this morning:) Hope you have a wonderful Monday and are able to catch up on all of your orders. Big hugs to you & Will ~ Txx

  3. Welcome back, Janette! I have missed my daily dose of you! So pleased you enjoyed yourselves. I hope the holiday glow lasts a while. J x

  4. Bula! Welcome home!The thought of my one year old son in a confined space (the plane) for more than an hour horrifies me, I don't know how you did it! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Happy 30th!
    X Briohny.

  5. Hi lovely! You've been missed!!! So glad to hear you've had a wonderful time away, had been thinking of you and hoping you were having heaps of fun which by your photos and description it soounds like you did. Will looks especially like he's having a great time in all those photos. I smiled when you described how the locals would grab his cheeks :) Hope you have a productive day catching up on all those orders. How nice of your Mum to come and give you a hand. Big hugs xx

  6. Welcome back and we missed you,so happy to hear and see your amazing photos that you had a fantastic holiday.... don't work to hard this week and have a great week catching up on all your orders so nice to have your mum there for some extra help. XX

  7. How lovely to have you back. It was so nice to see you reappear in the blog roll! You all look as if you had the most wonderful time. Hope the reality of work doesn't hit too hard!

  8. Sounds like you had a memorable 30th. Great photos, and good to have you back! Have a lovely and hopefully not too full on week.
    Rebecca x

  9. My gorgeous Silver Fox and children went to the Shangri-La this year and then off to Treasure Island where we got remarried!!! Absolute heaven!! I know you would have had a wonderful time. Welcome back and yes, I missed you too.... my Bloggy friend!!

  10. Welcome back J!! Hope you had a fantastic time - certainly looks like it!

    You've been missed in bloggy world that's for sure. Lovely pics, looks like Will was totally enamoured with his holiday!

    All the best with catching up on orders.

    p.s. running a little giveaway today if you want to join in.

  11. It sounds wonderful Janette! It must have been difficult to come back to reality :)
    Here's hoping you have a lovely week.

  12. Welcome back! Great to hear you had a great time. We holidayed at the Shangri-La back in April and totally agree that is _very_ kid friendly.


  13. Welcome back! Sounds like you have had a wonderful time. Must have been soooo nice to feel warm! Hope you can ease back into the "real world" otherwise you will need another holiday! :)
    P.S - Perfect 30th bday pressie for yourself (I should have thought of this!)xx

  14. yay lovely, love the photos, looks like you had such a great time.....and like all the others said you have been missed, hope it dosn't take you long to get on top of all your orders kisses and have a great week lisa xox

  15. Welcome back lovely! Glad you had a great time away - and hope you had a wonderful birthday. You've certainly been missed! K xx

  16. Welcome back Janette and so glad you had a wonderful time. We got married in Fiji so it has fond memories for us. Nice to see your posts again! ;-)

  17. Hi Janette, so glad you are back as I was waiting to place an order with you; now I know, I will get onto it tomorrow; unless you are needing some time to catch up with your others? Its going to be for a christmas present, so I am not in a huge hurry... Looks like you had a fantastic holiday! I would just love to go to Fiji one day! (gorgeous little man you have there too!)
    Laura currie xx

  18. Fiji! I'm so jealous. Looks like so much fun!


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