Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a brilliant weekend!

Mine was busy with final preparations for my party, so I was running around a bit but it was a nice weekend. We had a fundraising dinner at church on Saturday night with a yummy Indian Banquet it was lots of fun with some trivia and a silent auction, it was to raise money for blankets for people in India. And during the day on Saturday I also found the time to make a little DIY project I've previously blogged about, I'll show you pics soon!

Above is a photo of the two sprigs of Jasmine which I picked yesterday from our back garden. Aren't they beautiful! And whenever I come into the room I can smell their yummy perfume.

I hope you're having a great start to the week, I think I'm getting a cold which is a bummer so I'm hoping I can get a little nap in today to try and give myself a chance to shake it off :)

Sorry I haven't been blog visiting as much as usual over the last week and a bit, life is just a little hectic at the moment.

Have a lovely day everyone,


  1. Ooh, Janette! You've inspired me to pick some of the jasmine trailing over our fence and bring it inside so I can enjoy that divine perfume. Don't worry - you must be so busy catching up after your holiday. We're not going anywhere! J x

  2. i love the simple things/treasures in life {flowers from your garden} hope the cold escapes you xox

  3. I hope you are feeling better soon. Love the Jasmine...also love the blue vases, cheers Katherine

  4. Your weekend sounded lovely - I've been wondering how your party preparations are going. Your church fundraiser sounded like heaps of fun. Your jasmine is so pretty and I was eyeing off that blue vase at Freedom recently :) Hope you get some rest today - drink plenty of water too and dose up on some Vitamin C if you have any. You and I have definitely had our fair share of sickness lately :) Take care xx

  5. Hi sweetie. Hope that cold went away quick smart!! Love your Jasmine and I CANNOT wait to see your project:) I know it will be so beautiful! Looking forward to replying to your email once bedtime rolls around in our house...Hope you had a great Monday. Hugs ~ Txx

  6. Jasmine... aaahhh, the smell of Spring!! Takes me back to when I was little....

  7. Sounds like a lovely and fun weekend. Echinacea drops (as soon as you feel something coming on) work wonders! Cant wait to see what you chose to do for your birthday. Hope you have a lovely week.
    Rebecca x

  8. i love the smell of favorite,cant wait to see your new project,i hope your party preparations are all running smoothly.take care of your self and hope you feel better soon xx


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