Friday, September 17, 2010

Customer Photo & playdoh

A really lovely customer, Sarah from the ACT, sent through a photo of her Bedtime Bus Roll Poster on display on their book shelf.

What blew me away in the photo was the colour coordinated books, how fantastic does that look and the Mr & Mrs Potato head, cute drawing and multi coloured blocks just make the whole thing look like such a fun place to play and read.

Thank you Sarah for sharing your photo with us!

Well the Playdoh didn't go down as well as I thought it would. Will has a very technical mind so he was more interested in trying to put the lid of the Playdoh jar on and off than playing and squooshing the Playdoh.

Here is my little mechanical genius ignoring the Playdoh and playing with the jar instead - bless his little cotton socks!

I'm sure he'll get into it in a month or two - maybe I should get out the garlic mincer and let him squish it through there and make worms, that's a bit more mechanical for him.

And thank you everyone for your Play Dough tips - very appreciated!!!

While we're on the subject of kids etc, the latest issue of the online magazine 'lmnop' is out now, go check it out, I'm hoping to read it tonight.

Have a great Friday everyone,


  1. Will is doing great, my 2 year old still feels the need to taste test the playdoh from time to time! I make it with a LOT of salt, so the look on his face is quite priceless!

  2. Oh Playdough, I sadly think I could play with it for hours still and how old am I?

    Will is displaying very common kiddy traits: playing with the packaging and not the toy, bless!! :-)

    So lovely to get such positive feedback from a customer and so beautifully displayed.

    I'm on the bubbles now after a mammoth week at work - well deserved I think. Have a great weekend Janette! xx

  3. I agree, try again with the playdoh in a couple of months. I found using a rolling pin and shape cutters to play with worked best as Jasper didnt like the texture at the start. Just wait til they start mixing up all the colours together! A pet hate!! :)

  4. Ooh! I love the colour coordination as well, Janette. I am tempted to try it with the pixies but I don't fancy my chances of everything staying so ordered for more than a few hours! Ugh! Playdough is a PB favourite but not mine - I always end up finding dried up bits of it all over the house, days later. That's where Mr PB comes into his own - he loves that messy stuff. And thanks so much - I hadn't heard about lmnop - what gorgeous things. I hope you're feeling a little better now. J x

  5. Colour coordinated books! Wow! Not a chance in my place! The boys take all the books off the shelf EVERYDAY! And Liam was just like Will with the paydoh at that age. Now he plays with it but it seriously takes longer to pack up than his attention span lasts playing with it.
    My youngest, Hugh just eats it! Yuck!
    X Briohny.

  6. the books look so sweet...calm and organised! enjoy your weekend.

  7. Lovely bookshelf. Mr. & Mrs. Potato head did their job perfectly. Enjoy the weekend with your adorable kid! Kellie xx

  8. Oooh love that idea of the coloured-coordinated books :) And you print looks awesome up top there!!

  9. Oh play dough was one of my favourite things about when our older girls were little. I used to make it all the time. Lottie is just starting to like it too. Will looks so gorgeous in that photo Janette:) Your Bedtime Roll looks fabulous in Sarah's photos!! How amazing are those colour-coded books!!! I am inspired:) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far sweet girl. Huge hugs and hope you have a wonderful time tonight!!! ~ Txx

  10. I have just discovered your blog and I love your prints. I am about to renovate and redecorate my home and see a couple of these fitting in well, so will visit your online store. I love typography -

  11. cute space.....and omg zeke is the same it's all about the lids and containers, off on off on......very cute xox

  12. I just love that print, Janette, and the way that Sarah has displayed it is so lovely. I fear I would have similar issues to Jane and Briohny, I can't keep up with my whirlwinds of terror!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  13. Your bedtime scroll looks great - fantastic to see how customers are displaying your lovely prints!

    Aah playdoh - we have a love hate relationship with it in my house! The girls love to play with it and I hate to clean it up - especially when it is crumbled all over the tiles! It's okay I'll breathe now!!

    That mag looks interesting too - thanks for sharing. Michelle

  14. What a beautiful looking bookshelf with all those cooridinated books! Your print looks lovely perched on top. How funny about Will and the play doh container!! I tried to get Grace into it at playgroup last week, but all she wanted to do was sprinkle it in little pieces on the floor!


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx