Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Nautical Theme

Good morning everyone!

I had a lovely email from a fellow etsy and made it seller a few days ago. It was from Beck of Bexpert/Empressionista. She has come up with some gorgeous nautical/maritime themed prints using the International Code Flags.

So this inspired me to put together a nautical themed blog post. I love the nautical look so clean, fresh and a bit preppy and I love nothing more than spending the day or even the week on a boat. Big or small, doesn't bother me, I just love exploring all the little inlets around Sydney and the Hawksbury.

We used to hire a house boat every year with friends and just putter around Cottage Point, Smiths Creek, Refuge Beach and Brooklyn. Having little ankle bitters around has put a hold to our house boat weekends but I'm sure we'll pick them up again when the kids are old enough not to go 'man over board'.

Click to enlarge

Don't you just love Beck's prints. I think they would look great in a cluster on the wall with the initial of each family member on each print. Or they would look great in a kid's nautical themed bedroom too. Oh and that's my yachting outfit I put together using Polyvore. You like???

You can visit Beck's Etsy shop and Made it shops and check out her other prints, they are all very cool.

Have a great day everyone,


  1. oh, I like it all alot. Credit Card may get some action, hee hee.

  2. Janette,

    I have just spent considerable time scrolling through and admiring your blog about family life, creativity and beauty. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing how you 'do it all' , with a beautiful, baby boy, William in tow!

    I have a blog, work as an assistant principal through the week and have a 5 year old daughter, however, we are trying to fall pregnant again.

    It ocurred to me that my creative outlets will be drastically reduced as a result of another bubby, but it is soooooooo encouraging to see that you are able to do it all with style and grace.

    You give me hope! Our honey bun Lily, being 5, is a very independent woman these days and allows her Mummy some Mummy time.

    Any reminders, or tricks on how you' do it all'?

    I love your blog Janette x o I found you through Mcartney Designs, who I have followed for some time.

    Happy Tuesday x

  3. Hi Janette, cute outfit, now if only I had the legs to wear those cute shorts! I have always wanted to hire a houseboat. We keep suggesting it for a family christmas but mum can't swim and the idea scares her! xx

  4. I love the nautical theme too but man I wish it was summer right now. House boat? Oh my goodness, I'd love to do this, will have to investigate! :-)

    Hope you're having a lovely day!

  5. Janette -

    Thank you for your advice. I think you are right, re: praying...

    We have been going through IVF and on Friday of last week, after my 10 little eggs had been collected, we had the unfortunate news, that only 3 had survived and fertilised. We were warned that from this point, 1/3 of our little eggs would most probably die out via natural selection (meaning one egg if we were lucky would remain). After a months worth of daily injections, to know we may have created just one egg (if that ) was devasating.

    I have a very spiritual friend, Cath, who I spoke to after this news and she said "God can do a lot with 3 beautiful, little 'Tracey' eggs. I am praying for you. It will be okay. You must remain positive. Paul and I prayed for our little babies to soldier on and grow.

    The next day, the Saturday, the clinic rang and said Tracey, all of your SIX little eggs are doing very well!

    I said, "I'm sorry, you must have the wrong Tracey. We only have 3 eggs". This is IVF Sydney after all, they treat thousands of women weekly!! They have got the wrong girl!

    The embryologist proceeded to tell me that the little embryos that they thought hadn't fertilised, were still active and had flourished over night!

    As silly as this may sound, I feel it had been a miracle. Indeed, the embryologist said -"someone or something must be looking out for you two".

    I agree with you about giving not just 'getting' in this world. That is what I liked about your blog - you are personable and honest and kind. I am very selective about who I choose to follow re: blogging. I just follow a handful of blogs/people who I think are genuine and interesting people. I would prefer to have a more intimate blogging relationship with several people, than a disjointed chat with trillions.

    Your relationship with your husband sounds truly lovely. I like that you make your 5 year plans together.

    Thank you for giving me hope that I can do the motherhood thing 5 years on without losing my sanity.

    My sister is in Clovelly, 3 hours away but I am trying to get her to make the sea change further north! I think I am making ground there! Right you are, family support is so important.

    I love your 'apple of my eye' - print. Will sus these out now.

    Thanks for your warm and sincere reply Janette.
    I haven't announced my IVF to my blog or the world yet. Hoping for some happy news first! One of our strong and healthy, little embryos was implanted today. Fingers crossed for 2 blue lines some time soon. We will continue praying!

    Tracey at Velvetine Lily

  6. I like it! Depending on how you choose your pieces it can also look very European as well. Such a great look.

    Can you put together my Singapore wardrobe using Polyvore please Janette! illy the cuddly xo

  7. Very nice outfit, it would suit you! You've got me into the made it thing..I've bought a few things this week. Like I needed another online shopping destination...Hard to resist all those gorgeous creations..Rachaelxx

  8. Great collection of nautical items Janette - love the outfit!!! Those prints are really cool too. Holidays on a house boat sound like heaps of fun - will be great for you to do it again when Will is bigger. Have a lovely evening x


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