Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's the best party you've ever had?

I'd love to know, what's the best party you've ever had???
You see I'm turning the big 3-0 in a few months and figured I better start thinking about what I'd like to do to celebrate.

I'm tossing up between two ideas at the moment:

1st idea is to have a cocktail party style shin-dig at home out on the deck.

Positives of this idea:
I can decorate to my hearts content, have control over the evening, it will be held on the deck and should be lovely spring weather. Could get some teens from down the road to wait and serve.

Negatives of this idea:
It's a bit of work for me, I don't want to be in the kitchen for half the night and I'd love to just chill out and chat and enjoy myself but I just know it will be like 'Oh Janette, where's the ___', 'Oh Janette, where's the bathroom', 'Oh Janette, someone's just spilled something everywhere, where can we get something to clean it up'... etc etc. :)

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2nd idea is to have a dinner at a little known sailing club in Manly. People would just turn up and order their meal from the bistro and we would put a few hundred on a bar tab.

Positives of this option:
No fuss, no clean up, no running around, no cooking, beautiful location.

Negatives of this option:
Wouldn't be able to decorate or minimal decorating, not as much control over the evening.

What do you think??? What would you do? Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help ladies!


  1. What about a private room at a restaurant that you can decorate any way you like? Some are not too expensive.. How exciting turning 30! My next one is 36! Have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  2. Hi Janette,
    Definately important to celebrate your 30th in style! I would definately go for the sailing club. If its the one Im thinking of they do have a room out the back you can hire and decorate. Just think, you can wake up the next morning to a lovely clean house! xx

  3. Happy Birthday! I had Henry 4 days after my 30th, so party was delayed! Hubby and I had a joint one a few months later. We hired the small upstairs room in a trendy bar, put on some food and drinks. It was so good walking away at the end of the night, no cleaning up!!

  4. my 30 th i hired a bar in the city,i had it all to myself all night,which had my own music and drinks all night,decorated theme was lime green & hot pink decorations..was easy and Fun and ordered finger food to get delivered so i didn't have to cook.... i really like both of your ideas..the first one sounds amazing i know you would do a great job decorating!! then again the second sounds awesome b/c there's no cleaning and cooking and you could work out a small theme to take there like Place-cards, or balloons for the table or something to signify your birthday maybe a classic theme,where everyone dresses up elegantly in black tie ( like the 50's). whatever you choose i'm sure you party would be a huge HIT ..i'm getting old wish i was turning 30 again XXX

  5. How exciting Janette, I like the idea of finding somewhere that you can decorate as you wish but you don't have to worry about food, clean up or directing people to the loo. You will be able to finish your celebrations and go home to relax! xx

  6. Ooh how exciting! The part of me that loves making decorations and planning parties is saying go with the first option (as I know you'll be able to do something AMAZING on that lovely deck of yours) but I know why you're hesitant to have it at your place. I do like having things at home when the number of people you're inviting isn't too big. However, from the point of view of it being less work for you (after all, it is YOUR birthday) perhaps the second option might be the way to go. I'm sure you'll still be able to decorate quite a bit as Mirela said with place setting etc but this might mean it will be abit less convenient for you setting up on the day. Decisions decisions!! I can't wait to see all the planning and decorating you have in mind. Be sure to share it all with us!! Enjoy your day lovely xx

  7. How exciting, I remember my 30th and my 40th :). I had both parties at home. For my 30th I did all the catering myself, but with my 40th I had the food catered for (happy to recommend the caterer in Chatswood I used) and it went really well. I had local teens as wait staff and it was so much nicer and intimate than being at a restaurant (I think). I also paid the teens to help clean up.
    Party throwing is so much fun. Whatever you do though, spending it with loved and dear ones is the best part, oh and the pressies.

  8. Why don't you do both? Have a small intimate dinner with close friends and family where you can relax then have afternoon drinks at your house on the deck. Maybe do 'bring a plate'? That way you don't have to work for days preparing food but also get to do some decorating!

    Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx

  9. hey J my 30th was the most amazing time, personally i'd go option one and look at hiring someone to look after guests etc......i shared my 30th with a friend and we org people to do the food, had a bar tender {friend} and our job on the night was to kick our shoes off and dance, till our hearts content........we set up how we wanted it and everyone else looked after the rest ps....for a few hundred on a tab, you could buy loads of drinks + nibbles......i was lucky combining though cut out half the work.......and like everyone says, it is totally all about you, fun i loved turning 30 {makes me sound so old hehehe} lisa

  10. The best party I ever had wasn't actually for me but for Daddy BuBbles 30th a few years back. I held it at home and to make things easier, I hired a frozen cocktail making machine and got the party catered.

    Could that be an option for you? Then you can decorate as you please but you don't have to worry about food and drinks.

    Let us know what you decide on.


  11. Well it's quite a while till you get to this milestone but for my 50th (there, I've said it!)I hired the Press Club bar in Canberra for the night, a DJ and asked everyone to nominate their favourite dancing song when they rsvp'd, gave the playlist to the DJ and we danced all night long. Everyone danced, even if only to their own choice but usually for many more. Plus I got to decorate it prior to the night as it was for a private function. Best party ever!

  12. I'll be 30 in a few months too! I think you should do the sailing club. You'll want to be able to enjoy this birthday. You have your whole life to do all the work.

    For mine, I think Sean and I are going to rent a cabin on the lake for the weekend and hole up there with our dogs, being lazy and making elaborate dinners. That or we're going to New Orleans. Can't decide.

    Either way, with your creative skills, I'm sure it will be gorgeous and fun!

  13. I'm not much help as I've never done a big party but I reckon waking up the next morning and not having to clean up would be a great thing! Much less stress = more fun!!

  14. Oh congrats for the big birthday coming up!

    But oh eeek you're reminding me that I turn 30 in 2 more birthday's time! I feel far too young to be nearing that age...(deep breath, deep breath...)

    It's a hard one but weighing up the two options (depending on whether you're having a babysitter etc), I'd be tempted to have it at home and hire some people to help cook and prepare things, put a sign up for the bathroom etc or let hubby take over!! Then you don't have to rush so much getting to Manly in good time to set up etc as the party comes to you and you have more control on design, decorations and can delegate (hey hey).



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