Friday, May 28, 2010

Little Giveaway WINNER

Thank you to everyone who entered my little giveaway of six hair clips made by me :)

I used but my stupid screen shot taking function isn't working but anyway.....
the winner is - KATHERINE of THE OLD BOAT HOUSE !!!

Congratulations Katherine, I'll send you an email shortly.

Wishing everyone a very happy weekend!
See you back here next week,


  1. Congratulations to Katherine! Hope you are feeling better Janette and have a lovely weekend x

  2. Wow thank-you so much Janette, my daughter will love these. I hope you are feeling better and enjoy the week end, cheers Katherine xx

  3. Congratulations to Katherine:) Thanks for the chance to enter your gorgeous giveaway Janette! Hope you are feeling better and get a chance to rest up over the weekend. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  4. Congratulations Katherine, I am sure your daughter will look very pretty in those beautiful hair clips. Rest up Janette, hope you are 100 percent soon.

  5. rats so sorry I missed your giveaway, the clips are gorgeous! I'm having a giveaway over at my blog, do pop over for a visit :0)

  6. Congratulations to Katherine!

    Janette, I have an award waiting for you! :-)

  7. Hi. I hoped over here from another site. Love your blog.
    A question.....I have been wanting to make these little yoyos for my sweet granddaughters. Do you know if they sell the yoyo maker in the U.S. Thanks.


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx