Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all my lovely blogging friends a Happy Mother's day today!
I hope you and your mothers and grandmothers all get very spoilt and have a lovely special day.

In this last year, my first year as a mother, I have learnt a new appreciation for my Mum (the best Mum in the world) and all mothers out there. You hear people say it, but it's true that you really don't appreciate all your parents have done for you until you are in their shoes with your own little one.

I have found it the most amazing, challenging, heartwarming, scary, precious thing I have ever done and I'm only one year into it!

Here is one of the small vases of mother's day flowers which I have dispersed in arrangements all over the house. They are so simple and beautiful and I love seeing them every where I turn.

Have a wonderful day everyone,

P.S. I'll show you my MD present later when I have actually opened it :)


  1. Happy Mothers Day sweetie ...i know what you mean being a mum it is the hardest job in the world but the most rewarding..have a great day being spoiled and pampered ...guess what?? got to open my present from Lucas.. AWWWW so cute i will post tomorrow to show you XXXX

  2. Happy mothers day to you too Janette,I know what you mean about appreciating your own mum once you become one. You learn so much as a mum. I hope you get spoilt rotten and enjoy your special day with your family.

  3. I think we all appreciate our mothers just a bit more when we become one ourselves! I'm so glad you had a wonderful mother's day and I can't wait to see your present!

    Kat :)

  4. Happiest of Mothers Days to you lovely Janette! I hope you have the most wonderful day with your little guy (and your big one too)!! Enjoy those beautiful flowers, oh and your MD pressie too:) Big hugs to you ~ Tina xx

  5. Happy Mother's Day to you too Janette. First Mother's Day is very special. Guess what? It gets better and better every year, enjoy.

  6. Hi Janette, when you get a chance please pop over to my blog, there is a little surprise waiting for you.

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you too Janette!! Hope you enjoy your day with your precious little Will and get spoilt. I too have really appreciated having my own Mum around for support and advice since having Grace. Can't wait to see your present :)


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