Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ACA Interview

So the interview was aired this evening!
I think I've almost gotten over the shock of seeing myself in wide screen, high definition. :)

I'm just a bit disappointed that they didn't mention (the main reason why I did the interview)...! I had practised my whole spiel about how easy it is to open a Made It shop, and you've got nothing loose and it's great to be apart of the Made It community but they more just wanted to show Mums and Bubs working at home.

It's a real pity as websites like are the reason why Mums like me can start up our own little business. They have a link to Made It on the ACA site and they also have the transcript of the interview here:

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments and support, it means a lot to me!!!


  1. morning- i have just discovered you via the gorgeous Tina....and as an australian living in the english countryside i always love finding blogs that *take* me home....i'm assuming last nite on tv went well as you are here blogging today!
    melissa :0

  2. Congratulations on your Current affair interview, you looked fantastic. Im a new blogger but have been taking a peak at your for a couple of weeks, so I was super excited when I recognised your logo. Congratulations!!! P.S I love your art!!!

  3. Good for you brave lady!
    Made It will get publicity from the mention on ACA's site, so don't worry.
    Well done, and congratulations!

  4. Oh no, I missed it! It is a pity they didn't mention madeit. Well done for going on TV, very scary! Rachaelxx

  5. Oh no I missed it, boo!

    Must have felt amazing (and weird) seeing yourself on tv, well done you.

    Hope you're feeling better, I blame this weather! ;-)

  6. Thanks so much for doing this for madeit. You made us proud, madeit has a link on the aca website - so it's all good. Thanks again!

  7. Oh Janette, I am so disappointed, I had an urgent phone call and I missed it. I am so glad that it went well! xx

  8. I saw it! You did great and looked amazing!! Will outdid himself of course!

  9. Oh I wish I'd read this post earlier so I could have watched your interview :( Never mind - I bet you were fantastic xx


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx