Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Rose

No not Keith and Nicole's daughter but the pretty roses I picked on Friday which are just opening up today. So beautiful.

Have a lovely Sunday,


  1. Hee hee!! I love these gorgeous Sunday Roses! The colour is gorgeous. Are they from your garden? All of my roses have finished blooming for the winter now :( Enjoy yours they are beautiful Janette! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday my sweet friend ~ Tina xx

  2. Hi Tina, yes they are from our garden. Them seem to be having a real late bloom at the moment! I was noticing quite a few more about to flower today!

  3. Very pretty - do they have a frangrance?

  4. Oh how pretty!! I've always liked yellow roses - I think they mean friendship. There were some yellow roses at my dad's place the other day which I was tempted to pick, but I decided to leave them for the new owners :) Hope you've had a lovely weekend x


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