Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Odd topic

Ok, this is far from the usual blog topics I post on, but I just wanted to ask/share an interesting question...

What do you think of Men dying/colouring their hair - more specifically to look younger?

I have been thinking about this over the last week or so and I'll set the scene as to why...

I went into a local cafe, which I frequent, last week and noticed the cafe owner, a 40 something guy, slim build, charismatic etc had coloured his hair from his usual salt and pepper to a VERY dark brown. Now if I had never seen him before in my life then I probably wouldn't have thought twice (except that it was a tad too dark) but having seen him with his light silvery hair for the last 2 years I was quite shocked and tried not to stare.

Going into the cafe today what did I see??? He'd shaved his hair completely - no more dark colouring to be seen!
So it got me thinking about men colouring their hair and I thought if women do it, why shouldn't men?
How would I react if Glen came home with a packet of hair colour?
With the rising trends of botox, plastic surgery and the like, are the pension lines of the future going to be occupied by those with hair 'a tad too dark' rather than the purple rinse/grey brigade?

Had the cafe owner been teased or stared at so much that he took the drastic measure of shaving his hair? Why did he do it in the first place? (me thinks that being surrounded by the young waiters and waitresses could have been a factor).

All these difficult questions :-)

So please tell me your thoughts... I'd love to know?!?!?


  1. hey Jb.. your funny...I am not sure about the whole hair dying thing... suppose it would be understandable if they where covering up greys..!

  2. hehehe thats funny...i don't think its that bad..men are just as bad as women these days ..there is a lot of meterosexuals out there i work in a mens store and the men that come in sometimes admit that they dyed there hair,some have facial treatments and even pedicures to feel young and trim.LOL what ever happened to men not worrying about how they look XXX

  3. Men dying their hair is not my thing. Personally I find salt & pepper hair on man very distinguishing! illy the cuddly xo

  4. Dark dyed hair on men freaks me out!

  5. No, I'm not a fan - I much prefer the salt and pepper look. I actually find it quite appealing. Wouldn't you love to know why he shaved it off?? Please let us know if you find out.

  6. Id love to make my husband's hair salt and pepper!! xx

  7. I prefer the all natural George Clooney look. I think me just look more distingushed with gray than women. I am new to your blog and your post makes me laugh. The things we think about...funny! Have a great day:)

  8. I think men can get away with the few strands of grey better than women although if it were a more natural shade of hair colour, I don't think it would be too bad :) I would have found it hard to not stare walking into that cafe too :)

  9. I love my husband's grey hair, not into hair colouring for men..Rxx

  10. Go the grey! I really like it, and if it's good enough for George Clooney, who can argue?
    K xx

  11. Too funny! I remember my uncle dying his hair from a very distinct grey to dark brown and to this day no one in my family has noticed or admitted to noticing. He was 48 when he dyed it!

    I say men should dye their hair if they want to as long as it's not too dark :-)


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx