Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Katie-loo

My sister Kate is turning 26 today and so I would like to wish her a VERY happy birthday for today - April Fools Day.

Here is my little dolly of a sister sitting in the backgarden with our little Siamese Kitten 'Eliza' Circa 1990. It's a photo of a photo and I tried to age it in photoshop too to make Kate feel old... hehehehee.

Kate is a High School History and Legal Studies teacher and she does such a good job of it even though she is shorter that most of her senior students - she's a little pocket rocket. She is also a great Aunty to William. Kate always manages to get the biggest smiles, laughs and cuddles out of my little man who thinks she is just entertainment plus!

Thank you for being such a great sister and auntie, Katie-loo. I hope you have a fabulous day today and we look forward to lunch on saturday to celebrate. William sends you a big sloppy kiss!

Lots and lots of Love,


  1. Wish your sister Kate a Happy Birthday from me! I hope she has a great day! xx

  2. wishing your sister a very happy birthday XX

  3. Oh what a sweet post Janette! Wishing your lovely sister Kate a Happy Birthday! ~ Tina xx

  4. Happy birthday to your sister! Hope she has a great time celebrating with you all x

  5. I thought that was a photo of you in your younger days! You & your sister must look alike... Buon Compleanno Kate... illy the cuddly


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