Thursday, April 22, 2010

Before and After - dining room chair makeover by my Dad

My parents decided to reupholster their 1970's Parker dining room chairs.

The chairs had a very 70's gold/brown striped pattern on them which (when you look back on photos from the 70/early 80's) really suited the rest of the space which had a feature wall, in the adjoining lounge room, of a gold floral wallpaper and the brown velvet lounges my parents got rid of years ago.

Here is the before with the gold and brown fabric.

Mum and Dad went out and looked at fabric swatch after fabric swatch for a good replacement and decided on a denim blue coloured fabric which ties into their lounge room furniture and their decorative pieces.

And my Dad set to work on reupholstering all six dining chairs himself (something he'd never done before). I asked Dad to take some before, during and after pics for my blog. He forgot to keep taking photos after a while but you can see some of the progress and the final product of his handy work.

Makita, would you like to pay for sponsorship? :)

Removing the old fabric which a heavy duty staple remover

Dad even removed and tightened up the seat straps (or whatever they're called)

There was a lot of sewing and stapling in the whole process which Dad did himself. (Dad knows how to use the sewing machine probably better than I do!)

And tad daaaaaah here is the finished product!

AfterMum and Dad are now thinking of getting some new art for around the dining room.

So what do you think? Is he clever or what! The new fabric has really brought out the richness of the wood and has a beautiful texture to it. (The dining table extends out to seat 6-8). And I seriously don't think a professional could have done a better job! Well done Dad!

Have a great Thursday,

P.S. I might post pics of the birthday cake progress tonight (the party is on Will's actual birthday which is Sat, 24th for those who were asking).


  1. I am VERY impressed by your dad's upholstering skills Janette!! You wouldn't know it hadn't been done professionally and the new fabric looks fabulous, really brings out the whole setting.

    Can't wait to see Will's cake progress, hope you aren't too under the pump getting everything ready for Saturday although I'd imagine there's a lot to organize in the days leading up to it. Will is so lucky to have such a creative mummy :)

    Have a great day lovely x

  2. Wow, your Dad did an awesome job with those chairs Janette!!! I love the fabric and as you say it really brings out the gorgeous colour of the wood! What a clever and handy Dad you have!! Can't wait to see Will's cake, hope you are having lots of planning / preparation fun:) Big hugs to you ~ Txx

  3. Your dad is seriously clever Janette, the chairs look fantastic. I'd hire him any day!
    K xx

  4. What a brilliant job.

    Great colour too, dark blue is so sophisticated and elegant.

  5. Great colour. The staple gun is your friend. xoxo

  6. A professional couldn't have done a better job.
    Love the Parkers, a classic design.

  7. Your Dad did a great job Janette!

  8. Nice work by your Dad ! Good to see the chairs getting a renewed life :)

  9. Cleverness runs in your family! illy the cuddly xo


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