Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My lucky day!

Yesterday seemed to be my lucky day as I woke up to find I had received my first ever blog award! I was very excited when the lovely Hillary at a gal and her dog told me that I was one of the blogs she was passing this funny 'Master of Karate and Friendship Award' onto to.

But THEN the super sweet Nellie of McCarthy Designs gave me a Sunshine Award too! Wow, I felt/feel so spoilt! So thank you so much lovely ladies (Hillary and Nellie) for thinking of me, you made my day. Stop by their blogs if you haven't already they are both so lovely and such fun bloggers too!

So... I thought that what I would do is pass on my 'Master of Karate and Friendship Award' today and then I'll pass on the Sunshine Award in the next few days... is that breaking the rules? I hope not!

And the rules of the Master of Karate and Friendship Award are:

1. List 6 things you are a master in.
2. Pass it on to 6 bloggers you think are masters
at friendship and make blogging awesome.

This was tough but here goes... the 6 things I am a master in:
1. I am now a master at Keeping Calm and Carrying On
...when my little William decides to take his food and crumble it on the floor from his highchair, or grab the whole bowl of baby food and throw it across the room leaving a splattering spray of goop who knows where! This used to really stress me out and I could literally feel my heart rate go up and stress levels soar but I've now trained myself to take a deep breath and just accept that after every meal the dust pan and broom and the floor wiping cloth are coming out! Whether I like it or not :)

2. I am a master of disguise
Well not in the spy sense (although that was always a childhood ambition) but as in costume making for dress up parties! I love being invited to dress up parties for the excuse to come up with a fancy dress outfit. Glen and I have many a photo of us in all sorts of costumes and I can't wait for the day when the little party invitations come home for Will and I get to unleash my creative costume making monster on him. Hehehee.

3. I am a master of doing my makeup in 2mins flat
I find putting on make up therapeutic (when I have the time). My parents would laugh as I sat on the lounge with my makeup bag and played around with all my makeup bits and pieces putting on a full face of makeup just before bed 'because it's fun'. NOW my makeup application is usually within 2mins flat - for tinted sunscreen foundation, a little stroke of eye pencil and my 'absolutely can't leave the house without' mascara (my eye lashes are mostly blonde so I have to have my mascara).

4. I am a master at getting myself too busy
I know we all do it don't we? I find it's about every second week I will have invited too many people over, rsvp'd to too many things, which means I have more cooking, cleaning, travelling, shopping to do than hours in the day; as well as fitting in time for work, blogging and all my normal chores. One day I'll find the balance... I hope.

5. I am a master at shopping for presents
Well I probably don't always get it right and there is always going to be a better present out there for someone but I think I do a pretty good and thoughtful job of birthday and Christmas shopping. I also tried to make a lot of my Christmas presents last year which was really fun but also falls into the last category of 'getting myself too busy' hehehee.

6. I am a master of cuddles
I just love give my three boys - Hubby, Bubby and Minky (the cat) big cuddles and snuggles.
Cuddles are the best!
Who wouldn't want to cuddle this little teddy bear???

So now I pass on this award to 6 great bloggers:

1. Mirela at Melli's Design's
2. Jane at My Pear Tree Home
3. Louise at Illume Design
4. Sarah B at Molly's Maison
5. Nicole at Bubby Makes Three
6. Nellie at McCarthy Designs

Take part if you would like - but no pressure too.

Have a lovely day everyone!!!


  1. Congratulations sweet Janette!! you deserve all the awards there are. You have such a gorgeous blog and you are just the loveliest and most thoughtful girl, I am so glad to call you my friend. Love your 6 areas of Mastery:) Enjoy your well deserved awards!! How gorgeous is that pic of Will- SO CUTE!!! Have a great Wednesday ~ Tina x

  2. Thanks for sharing your areas of mastery, I'm mighty impressed with your fancy dress-making skills. And that little bear cub of yours is just too cute for words!
    K xx

  3. ohhhh that's so sweet ...I'm very thrilled & excited to get this your 6 areas of mastery ,especially the one that you get you can keep calm & carry on it :)
    once again very happy you are enjoying stopping by my blog ...take care sweetie and thanks again XX

  4. Congratulations Janette on your awards, you soooo deserve them! I love your 6 things you are master of and I really enjoyed reading more about you! Thank you for passing the award on to me! It is such a lovely gesture and you have really brightened my day! I will try to be as creative with my 6 things!

  5. Wow, you have totally made my day!! Well, aside from also finding boy legged bonds undies on sale at KMart. But I'm easily pleased ;)
    Love your 6 masterous achievements, I can't even think of one at this stage!!! I'm hopeless at these thingies but I promise to do my v best this time!! xo

  6. Hi Janette thanks very much for the award I am honoured that you enjoy reading my blog... I can really relate to your number one - the children spilling stuff on the floor really freaks me out but like you I have just had to accept it is inevitable and not worry. xoxo

  7. Congratulations on your award Janette! Loved reading your 'master list'. I could totally relate to the one about mess at feeding times. I'm a 2 minute make-up girl too and I think shopping for presents is more fun than receiving them :) Your blog is so lovely and I'm so glad to have 'met' you in this blogging community x

  8. I need to learn to keep calm !! My husband would agree too xx

  9. That little bubby is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! A-M xx

  10. Thanks for playing along. That's a great list! And Will looks adorable in his teddy bear costume.


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx