Monday, March 22, 2010

Friday's wedding & Happy Birthday Dad

We had a lovely time at our friend's wedding on Friday. It was such a beautiful occasion and the bride looked stunning!

They had an orange theme which came together beautifully.

The top right pic is of my best friend holding 'William's future wife' baby Isabella, her husband, her mum on the left and me on the right of the picture.

Sonya (the bride) is such a generous person that instead of the normal DJ's or Myer gift registry she set up an Oxfam Unwrapped registry where you could go on and purchase things like A Goat, Seeds for planting, Clean Water, Medical Kits, Build a Bridge, Vegie Garden etc etc. How Generous is That!

They also continued that theme by purchasing one of these Oxfam Gifts and leaving the card which Oxfam produces as a thank you on each table at the reception in place of the normal Bomboniere. I thought this was such a lovely idea that for an event in which so much money is spent for the one day, that they thought to give back to others.


I also wanted to say a BIG HAPPY 55th BIRTHDAY to my wonderful Dad for today!
We celebrated on Saturday together but Will, my sister and I are also meeting up with Mum and Dad today for lunch which will be so nice.

Time for me to brag about my Dad...
My Dad's the Best. He can fix anything. He drives really fast. He taught me music, cars, electronics, fixing, mechanical stuff, drawing, jokes, yummy food. My Dad and I are twins; we love the same food, we smile and laugh the same, same eyes, same sense of humour, we love gadgets, old movies, playing the piano and guitar. My Dad is so cool cause he works in TV. My Dad is the best Grandpa too. I love my Dad!

I hope you have a great day Dad, and everyone else too,


  1. Oh what a gorgeous post Janette! Your sweet words about your Dad have made smile from ear to ear, how wonderful that your are so close! I hope your Dad has a wonderful birthday!!!

    What a gorgeous wedding your friend had! So happy to hear you had such a wonderful time, and yes you are so right - how incredibly thoughtful of your friends to think of others on their special day! Very inspiring!!! You looked so beautiful, may I say!!

    Enjoy your lunch with your Dad and have a wonderful Monday ~ Tina xx

  2. What a great celebratory weekend! Your Dad sounds great :) and I am very impressed with a wedding 'registry' that gives to others - that's brilliant!!

  3. That is so beautiful....your Dad sounds so COOL are very lucky .the wedding looks beautiful and i agree with you - what a generous idea and sweet thing to do as
    gifts .love this post thanks for sharing XXX

  4. hey.. that sounds so cute, what you said about your dad... I think Will is going to be your dads twin aswell, Will just looks so much like him..!!

  5. The wedding sounds lovely, your friend is a beautiful person, she was so generous and thoughtful. I think that is a wonderful idea for wedding gifts and thankyou gifts.
    Your Dad sound terrific. Wish him a happy birthday from me! I hope you have a lovely lunch. xx

  6. What a lovely daughter you are! And your Dad sounds amazing. I'm so impressed that the newlyweds decided to give so generously, that's so nice to see. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!
    Kerri x

  7. that is so sweet! Your dad sounds too cool... and what a gorgeous wedding! I really like the orange accents, refreshing change from all that pink!

  8. Your Dad sounds lovely - hope he has a wonderful birthday and that you have great fun at lunch celebrating. Your friend's wedding looks lovely - her dress is stunning and I love the orange orchids. How generous of them to have an Oxfam registry. Have a great start to the week x

  9. Your dad sounds so cool..An interesting blog post..Great Janette!!!
    Sydney Harbour Charter

  10. I love the orange theme for the wedding. Very unique. The Oxfam registry is a wonderful idea. What a generous bride! You looked beautiful, as always and happy birthday to your dad! Mine is going to turn 55 in a couple of months as well!

  11. Arancione is soo in! Even I, who am so not an orange person shouted myself an Oroton orange wallet for Christmas last year.... lick ya later, illy the cuddly x.


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