Friday, February 12, 2010

100% cute

LinkLook at what I found on etsy today. These super adorable hats, wraps and blankets by etsy seller Charbridge Knits.

Their knits are perfect for newborn 'Anne Geddes style' photo shoots. And with most of them priced around the USD$22 mark I think it would make an original gift for new parents.

A big thanks to Joanna at My Mom Shops the terrific blog mention today about my Bedtime Bus Roll Poster. She has a great blog which always makes me very jealous that I don't live in the US to shop at all the cool stores she finds.

Have a lovely Friday everyone,

P.s. I borrowed some DVDs from the library the other day and I've been watching 'Are you being served?'. It's soooooo funny! Very un-PC but very funny.


  1. Oh Janette these are just too cute!! I am a huge knitter and have made some little lovelies like these when Lottie was a baby, just gorgeous:) These pics are so sweet! Enjoy your episodes of Are You being Served, such a funny show:) Have a lovely day ~ Tina x

  2. Hi Janette, thanks so much for visiting me. I have added your blog now so i dont miss out of any lovely blogging stuff! Those images ARE gorgeous, much better than when my girls were little and it was all the go to have the in flower pots with fake sunflowers LOL. Love those old British comedies - yes they are so "not" pc and thats half the laugh these days. Mel xxx

  3. How adorable! I agree, would be perfect for a baby present. Enjoy your DVD's - is a funny show - we've gotten the Fawlty Towers DVDs out from our library a few time before - they are another hilarious watch x

  4. oh my - the eyes on that first little munchkin! how adorable!!


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