Saturday, January 9, 2010

Taking down the Christmas decorations

1. Merry Christmas on the mirror of our hallway writen in chalk pen
2. Christmas wreath made of Bottle Brush leaves (wiltered in the picture)
3. Will's first santa picture and the ceramic reindeer I made as a child
4. Star decoration
5. A branch of our 'Christmas Tree' (gum tree branches sprayed white in a clear vase),
no proper tree for us this year with a crawling baby!

6. Our cards which I pegged to ribbon and strung across the dining room window

Today I'm taking down our Christmas decorations... was I supposed to do that on the 1st?
Oh well!

It's been a very special Christmas for us, being Will's first. Here is a pic of him getting into the wrapping paper Christmas morning in his reindeer ears. Very special memories.

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  1. Oh man! taking down the holidays! Do we really have to do it? I had a friend that kept hers up all year!!!!! Not a bad idea! Great Blog! I will check Back!!!!


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